Utility Locating Services

Utility Locating ServicesGPR is very useful for locating and delineating underground utilities, especially those of non-metallic material types. By systematically scanning the target area, the linear paths and outlines of underground objects and features can be seen and recorded, providing our clients with the most optimal area for trenching or planning or trenching purposes.

NGPRS, Inc. has years of success with GPR locating: PVC, Poly pipe, RCP (Reinforced Concrete Pipe), ACP (Asbestos Concrete Pipe), VCP (Vitrified Clay Pipe), Trench lines, delineation of contaminated areas, UST's (Underground Storage Tanks) and structures.

The Electromagnetic technique is most commonly used for locating metallic underground utilities such as pipes, wires and cables. National GPR Service, Inc. can then map the located utilities utilizing the most technologically advanced Trimble® GPS unit to create a comprehensive map of the underground area of your jobsite that can be overlaid onto CAD documents and/or Google Earth maps. Utilizing GPS technology along with points of your project areas underground environmental/utility layout.


ASTM 6432-99


Best Practice - Utility Locating