Ultrasonic Tomography

Low-frequency ultrasonic tomography It is intended for inspection of monolithic concrete and steel-concrete building designs for the purpose of search of emptiness, channels, rebars, foreign impurities, stratifications, cracks and other cavities, both empty and filled with a liquid or solid material different from surrounding concrete by physicomechanical properties.

The device is intended for the control of objects from concrete, reinforced and a stone at one side access to them for the purpose of integrity definition of a material in a design, search of foreign impurities, cavities, ensilages, stratifications and cracks, and also measurement of an object of the control thickness.

Typical Applications Include:

 -  Inspection of under construction and maintained steel-concrete buildings, constructions, bridges, tunnels, highways, airdromes about integrity and reliability

-  Definitions of concrete quality, thickness of walls and overlapping

-  Search in concrete constructions of emptiness, channels, rebars, definition of its thickness and a step

-  Inspection of an inaccessible surfaces of concrete walls condition, rough estimate of the adjoining environment (air, ground, water)

-  Estimation of extracted in mining industry minerals quality


 - Minimal thickness of testing object = 50 mm

- Maximum thickness of testing object = 2500 mm


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