Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Training

NATIONAL GPR UNIVERSITY™                     "Confidence through competence"


Recently purchase your first Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system?  New employees need GPR training? Do your employees need real life onsite job training?  National GPR University might be what you are looking for?

About Us

Since 2001, we've been providing Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) services to thousands of clients throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico.  Our client list includes large contractors, utility contractors, municpal, and government organizations.

With a cirriculum created through real world experience and refined over more than a decade of classroom and field instruction, we specialize in taking the fear out of operating GPR through a linear, ground-up training approach that stresses a handful of key concepts.

Students learn practical solutions to routine GPR operations as well as how bad operating habits are formed, all while gaining an appreciation of the importance of proper operation.  We offer a variet of training solutionsto meet the varied needs of our clients; everything from daily training to six week training programs at your location, or our headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  With a schedule that's sensitive to your need to keep employees productive and a price that's highly competitive, it includes both knowledge testing and hands on real jobsite experience.

What Type of Training Do You Provide?

We offer courses in three separate areas of operation: high resolution concrete imaging, utility locating, and geological explorations.  You can choose one course or all three.

What Equipment Do You Use?

Any GPR system can be used (GSSI, Sensors & Software, Mala) for any NGPRU course.  We do recommend the student start out by competing the available manufacturer training course at their facility prior to enrolling at NGPRU.  Our courses focus on a set guidline of GPR scanning procedures and screen interpretation, so any GPR system can be used.

How Long Is The Training Course?

We tailor the training course to the clients needs.  Courses range from one day to six weeks.

Where Does The Training Take Place?

NGPRU courses are held at our corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We can also send and instructor to your jobsite or location for training.

How Much Does Training Cost?

Cost varies with the length of training, and the location.  Call for estimate.

Certified NGPRU GPR Operator?

We've taken our training to the next level and offer Certified NGPRS Level 1, 2, & 3 operator certification.

Confidence with Compentence

Our in-house training facility at NGPRU™ consists one-on-one training on multiple practice slabs and controlled utility locating grounds.  We also provide real life experience with training at current jobsites for our existing National GPR Service, Inc. clients in Minneapolis.  We have found this approach not only give your employee the proper classroom training, but the "real life" experience that matters and helps protect your bottom line.





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