Cemeteries that have been established for over a century have been recording interment locations with paper and pen for years. If those records get lost or destroyed and the history has been lost forever. The most accurate method available to locate existing burial locations is utilizing Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

GPR may be utilized by cemetery professionals as a means to locate unknown/known interments within the sub-surface to preserve the existing locations for future digging. Combining GPR with GPS mapping provides the most accurate means available to record existing interment locations.

GPR is a non-destructive and the technology is completely safe. GPR surveys are completed more quickly & accurately than any other type of investigation. NGPRS, Inc. can map any size cemetery to a depth of 9 to 12 feet locating existing burials and even utility lines and producing a comprehensive site plan of the cemetery.

  • Concrete Caskets, Wooden Caskets, Burials
  • Utility Lines
  • Irrigation Lines
  • GPS Mapping


Cemetery Mapping Cemetery Mapping Cemetery Mapping


Forensic Investigations

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can do more than help construction and environmental professionals locate and identify objects for various projects. GPR can also assist law enforcement, private search-parties and other government agencies with forensic investigations.

The science behind GPR makes it a great tool for locating potential evidence buried underground, including possible missing persons and to assist in victim recovery missions. In the event that such a devastating case should occur, National GPR Service, Inc. can help. Considering the situation, we prefer to do this work at no cost.

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