National Ground Penetrating Radar Service, Inc.

National Ground Penetrating Radar Service, Inc., (NGPRS, Inc.) is a company with national reach offering state of the art non-invasive subsurface investigations. NGPRS, Inc. offers competitive rates anywhere in the nation to quickly resolve your sub-surface investigation economically and professionally.

NGPRS, Inc. operates Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate subsurface objects and provide services such as: high resolution concrete imaging, utility locating and mapping, cemetery & forensic mapping, bridge & roadway inspection and geological explorations.

Our Services

High Resolution Concrete Imaging
GPR may be utilized by construction professionals as a means to locate targets within and below concrete prior to core drilling or saw cutting. GPR is more accurate, efficient and safer to use than radiography (x-ray). Learn More »
Construction professionals, environmental firms and surveyors often need to locate utilities prior to trenching, digging and conducting site assessments. Learn More »
geological explorations
GPR and EM are the most reliable ways to non-destructively assess and map the subsurface of the earth. Learn More »